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Photo Technician Job Description

Using a range of processing equipment, a photo technician processes photographic film and digital images. Most photo technicians work with computerized equipment and software to develop and print images, although some still work in darkrooms. Photo technicians may deal with both professional and amateur photographers.



Photo Technician Job Duties

  • Protect film or digital storage device during printing process
  • Meet stringent deadlines
  • Maintain computers, processing equipment and laboratory
  • Keep diligent inventory of chemicals and supplies needed for processing
  • Enlarge and reduce photos without compromising their quality or clarity
  • Use chemicals or computer software to develop photographs


How to Become a Photo Technician

To get started in a career as a photo technician, try conducting an online job search at first, as this is a highly effective means of acquiring such a position.

If you attended or are attending a university, college or other institution that offers digital editing and other photography editing classes, ask your instructor if anyone in their professional network is looking to hire a photo technician.


Contacting organizations that use the services of photo technicians is also highly recommended; as this will help you tap into the hidden job market. Contacting local publications, such as newspapers and magazines, is a great place to start.



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