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Social Worker Job Description

Social workers are responsible for helping families, individuals, couples, groups, communities and organizations develop the skills and resources necessary for enhancing social functioning. They also work to provide counseling, therapy and referrals to other social services for those in need.


Social Worker Job Duties

Interview clients in order to assess their situation and problems

Determine the types of services clients require

Provide counseling and therapy to assist clients with developing skills that will help them deal with social and personal problems

Plan programs of assistance for clients including referral to agencies that provide financial assistance, legal aid, housing, medical treatment and other services

Investigate allegations of child abuse or neglect, and take authorized protective action when deemed necessary

Act as an advocate for client groups in the community

Lobby government for solutions to problems directly affecting client groups

Develop prevention and intervention programs that will meet the needs of the community 

Evaluate the effectiveness of counseling and other social programs



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